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Uncover your purpose and build a wildly profitable business doing what you love, in 8 weeks?

Get the blueprint from a 7-figure marketing agency pro!

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you Have a business, it's gotten some traction and sales, but you are capped and trading time for money or don't know how to scale to break that ceiling of income.


Whether you are looking to Start a business or Scale one, You are in the right place!

STARTING- Aspiring Entrepreneurs


SCALING- Ready for Growth

Perfect for Coaches, Consultants, Creatives and Experts who are

An 8-week Immersive
program designed by a 7-figure agency owner, to take
you from Zero to Hero!

Purpose to Profit

Even if you have NO Following, NO Experience and NO Business Idea!


The Six-Figure
Purpose to

Learn my Pro Agency Secrets & Strategies to starting and scaling a business that I've only used with my paid agency clients! This course was created using my proven systems and agency framework that have grown my client's businesses to six figures and beyond.

Now I'm sharing them with YOU!

The idea of starting your dream business sounds amazing but at the same time, scary as hell. The unknown of where you are going with your business, how you will do it, and will it work are creeping in your mind making you doubt everything. 



Many new business owners aren’t clear of their offer and they don’t have a strategy to reach clients. Most don't know how to package up their skills, not to mention trying to figure out the marketing and sales side. Email sequence, launches, webinars, lead magnets, what does it all mean?



You have an idea for a business but have no idea where to even start. Or you want to start a business, are excited to do it but don't have your business idea. Maybe you have the idea, or multiple ideas but don't know how to pull it all together to actually start a business.



Tell me if this sounds like you:

Hi there ambitious, driven, go-getter.  Here is a question for you...

Have you gotten off the sidelines to start your business or maybe you are not sure where to start?

It was possible for me, it has been possible for my clients and it can totally be possible for you! I’ve created this intense 8-week program where you’ll learn how to start and grow your business and be seen as an authority in your field. 

A steady stream of income from high paying clients and the freedom to do what you want!

Imagine if you had

The Kickstarter Step by Step Program for Entrepreneurs

Feeling this? Read on!

The Purpose to Profit Accelerator was created to help you turn your skills, talent and passion into a profitable full-time online business in a short period of time, so you can live life with meaning and purpose. 

You are feeling overwhelmed by the 'how,' have too many choices, and no clear direction how to start or launch
You’ve been in business for a while but feel stuck with your income, your model, or your time.
​Or you’re just getting started and want to have a clear plan to follow so you start out the RIGHT way.
You're tired of hearing the online social media “gurus” say -their way is best- only to be running on the hamster wheel trying to keep up with the latest social media hacks and trends.
You want a lead gen and sales process that is easy and repeatable and does not require more work and time from your already packed to the brim schedule.
You aren’t sure if your idea will even work, and you have no plan on how to execute it so you might as well give up now.

It's time to ignite your passion, and build a
successful business you love!

Now is the time to reach your full potential and create your dream life...just like i've created mine!

Does any of this sound familiar?

Creating a business and launching with a plan
Being a client magnet with clients chasing you
Speaking your clients love language
Having a professional Brand ID you can be proud of
Following a proven blueprint to market your business

to thriving by doing this...

Not knowing where to start
Stuck with how to get clients
Struggling with how to come up with content
Having no brand or identity
No knowledge of how to market or advertise

just imagine going from...'s time for you to master the entrepreneur's mindset, find your passion, and get proof that you can monetize your mission.

If your feeling stuck- that's about to change...

I will teach you how to engage, reach and talk to your dream clients so you are speaking their love language and they are chasing you. I'll show you how to be authentic and tell your story.

attract your dream client

Taking a deep dive into the layers of marketing we will develop your go to Marketing Mix of tactics and elements best suited for your specific niche. You will have various tactics in your suite to work with. 

outline your marketing mix

We will define and create your client Avatar so you know exactly who you are targeting, where they hang out, who they are, what problem they have and how your service helps them.

identify your target client

I will help you bring your story, voice, personality and skillset to life with a comprehensive show stopping brand curation including colors, fonts, mood board, logo and graphics.

create your brand

We will create your business strategy filled to the brim with "value bomb" info to lead you down the correct path out of the starting gate. BONUS: You get a free printable strategy deck once complete.

build your strategy

I take you on a validation journey with your idea and determine if it's "sale worthy" by identifying the problem it solves, the person it serves and the gap in the market.

Validate your idea

When you join my program you will:

It's time to go from stuck to six-figures.

Ready for a change?

What if.....

In eight weeks, you would know exactly how to build your six-figure business, get paying clients consistently, and know how to run your coaching, consulting or service-based business that gets RESULTS?
AND... it was done, simply, methodically (and strategically!) with an extensively tested, step-by-step method to turn your business into a marketing, lead-gen, and client attraction machine. All without the sleazy-slimy sales techniques, “post and pray” social media hacks, and slow-moving, outdated “quick fixes” that don’t work!

I had no idea that Marketing was the thing I needed to spend the most time with on my new business. Michelle helped me navigate the different marketing tactics and worked with me to develop a strategy that helped me find new clients.

- Linda J.

I had tons of ideas of what I wanted to do, but no clarity on how to start and what to do. Michelle had a strategy that took me from "all over the place" to focusing on packaging my services into something I could make money doing. I'm so glad I worked with Michelle.

- Deanna B.

Being a realtor I had to think of a new way to find clients and beat out my competition. Michelle helped me craft my message to my potential clients and worked through a strategy to get my message to them. I'm so glad I had Michelle helping me with my business.

- Cami B.

if you want the freedom you desire, and the dream life you deserve,

let's explore deeper together.

As a business coach and marketing agency owner, I support you to build your dream business with passion and purpose so you can monetize your mission to make an impact. My journey combines corp exec with serial entrepreneur and that has allowed me to see a business from both sides. I've built proven methods and systems that work to build a business the RIGHT way from the ground up to run efficiently like an enterprise.

I've structured my life and business around my greatest value- Freedom. 
I support ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking to create a business and life that they love to make an impact for a greater purpose.
We are all in different phases of our journey. and we all need help, guidance and support to get us on the right path, moving forward.

As a coach, mentor, and all things "warm and fuzzy", I love helping people through their journey and onto living their best life through their passion.

I'm Michelle. Marketing Strategist, Growth Coach and Agency Owner for Entrepreneurs!
(oh and chocolate-enthusiast)

hey there!

There is no class on how to start a business and you don’t know what you're doing.
You have all these ideas in your head but no clue how to turn them into a profitable business.
You don’t have anything to sell so you assume you can’t start a business.
You don’t have that much disposable income.
You have a full-time job working for someone else right now and have very little time.
You're good at your skill but don't know anything about marketing and how to sell your service.

Let me guess... you are here because:

Deanna, B.

"Michelle's program and 1:1 coaching took my business to the next level. She is intuitive, and her marketing help was invaluable. Not only did I launch my new business but I've already booked 3 new clients."

love notes

This course is my step-by-step road map that my Marketing Agency uses and I'm excited to share my Pro Tips with you so you get secrets of the trade when it comes to things like:

Setting up your strategy and defining your market position by finding the GAP in the market
How to create a magnetic  brand so you stand out from your competition
Defining your target persona in such a way that you have them chasing you
Outlining the exact tactics that work for your new business so you don’t waste time or money on the wrong marketing objectives.

Determining which social media strategies work the best for your business and the mistakes that could ruin it.
How to speak your clients' "love language” so they are begging to buy from you.
The right way to narrow your niche so you are speaking to your exact dream clients.
How to master selling without actually selling at all with a method I use with my agency clients.
Dialing into the THREE key elements that are CRUCIAL to the success of your online business. (Psst... Ignoring these WILL lead to biz overwhelm and failure!) 

A comprehensive 8-week program using my Agency Pro Strategies
for aspiring, ambitious entrepreneurs that will take you on a
step-by-step plan of action to level up your business.

Introducing the...

coaches, consultants, creatives, and experts

perfect for

Starting, Struggling, or Scaling:

Six-Figure Purpose to Profit Accelerator

Here's what you get in the course

This course is your in-depth program and framework to become a successful entrepreneur with an online business.

Gain confidence in your skills to set up and run a business with a strategy you will develop.
Download the easy-to-follow workbook and avoid the start up mistakes up front.
Develop high-end strategic marketing plans that deliver results (and your clients will pay top dollar for)
Create a show stopping brand that will get you noticed over your competition.
Learn how to speak your client's love language so they are chasing you.

BONUS: Get your full color, designed and downloadable strategy deck from ME once you complete the strategy worksheet

I'm covering all the bases on getting you started with your business. You get a comprehensive checklist to get you started and set up the right way.

"CLARIFY" - the purpose

you will take away:

Why start a business
How strong is your Why
Clarify your goals and purpose
Figure out what to sell
Your business structure
Startup checklist
Setting up your company

Discover different types of businesses and how you can find a gap in the market and find your skillset to determine your Big Idea. Validate your idea and package up your idea.

"DISCOVER" - the idea

you will take away:

Types of businesses
Package your passion
Uncover your superpower
Find the gap
Clarify your solution
Validate your idea- 4 part system
Naming exploration
Monetize your mission

Start crafting your strategy and create your roadmap for your business. I am bringing you the framework, the templates, and the strategic thinking. We are going to be talking objectives, value propositions, positioning, competitors, target audience, trends, and more!

"PLAN" - the strategy

you will take away:

Why you need a strategy
The anatomy of a strategy
Define your target persona
Know your niche
Define your USP and WOW factor
Competitive Analysis
Market Trends
Positioning Statement

Branding is the key to defining your business to the world. We are going to discuss why branding matters and work to create your unique brand ID. You will get an editable template to create your own Brand ID.

"CREATE" - the brand

you will take away:

Why you need a brand
How to create a Brand ID
Templates to create your Brand ID
Telling your brand story
Why customers care about a brand
Building your brand assets

The most important and usually the hardest part of the business is getting leads and clients. We will go through the process of how to generate leads, and convert them into paying customers. 

"FIND" - the clients

you will take away:

How to generate leads
Funnel approach to getting clients
Reflection Method for client attraction
Speak your clients love language
Being authentic
Their problem, your solution
Sell without selling
How to gain Know, Like & Trust

Packaging up your offer and making it irresistible is what this module is all about. Making your services stand out from the crowd and get your clients to choose you over chasing them.

"DEFINE" - the offer

you will take away:

How to package your services
Productize your offer
Be irresistible to your audience
Price your offers
Create Freebies and Lead Magnets

Social Media is the king of leveraging content, reaching followers, and converting clients. We will walk through how to build a social media community, the pillars of content and how to create posts that convert.

"BUILD" - the pipeline

you will take away:

Social Media Marketing defined
Picking the right platform
Creating compelling content
Generating brand awareness
Create your opt in forms
Build your funnel (the easy way)
Nurture with email
Marketing methods for #winning
The Power of FB Groups

Now that everything is set up, defined, brand is built, funnel is created, offers are designed, it’s time to launch the business and be a lead gen, marketing machine. 

"LAUNCH" - the business

you will take away:

Develop the launch plan
Talk the Talk 
Marketing for success
Options for people to buy 
Model what’s working
Scale for Success
Pivot with purpose

You get all of my free workbooks, templates, presentation decks, swipe files, brand board and checklists that are included with my course. Print them out or fill them out electronically. 

free workbooks, templates, & checklists

Get my free Instagram Bundle with templates and content ideas to start your social media pages. These templates are perfect for any type of business and come with Hooks, caption ideas and pillar content information.

Instagram templates and content ideas

You will receive an editable Brand ID template that you can create your new brand with. It will include color pallet, fonts, graphic inspiration, and a logo. 

Brand ID template and mood board

Once you complete your step by step strategy workbook, you can submit it back to me and I'll create, design and prepare a full color strategy deck for your business. You can use this as you go through your business building journey. You can print it out and you can send it electronically to investors or potential partners if need be.

Full color printable strategy deck

Plus - these Bonuses

the goods





Valued at $1200

Valued at $129

Valued at $230

Valued at $497

Networking is the most powerful way to get your business off the ground and to get new clients out of the gate. In my booklet "The Power of Networking" I'll explain how to network and why to do it, so you can build your business and start filling your pipeline with clients.

the power of networking

Define your super power skillset so you can determine your business idea with something you are great at and love to do. Uncover how this skillset can make you money and get your business fast tracked with sales with this informative workbook to discover your skillset.

Finding your secret sauce super power skillset

A comprehensive checklist of all the things you need to do to get set up before you actually start working on building your business. This is the GO TO list to get things set up and ready to go.

Getting set up checklist

Let's talk FAST ACTION bonuses!

If you purchase my course within 2 weeks of launch you will also receive these bonuses:

I want you to love this program so I'm offering you a 14 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely happy with the course modules, content, lessons, workbooks, trainings, and bonuses that are included in this course you will be refunded your money within 14 days. Please refer to the money back guarantee info for details

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

there's no risk

I want you to be successful with your online business from the start...


You also get access to:

Templates and SwipeFiles

Course workbook
Brand ID Mood Board editable file
Strategy Deck
Strategic Marketing Plan
Proposal Kit
Content Strategy Plan Blueprint
Content Calendar Swipeable
Project Planning Tracker

Private FB Community

Lifetime access to a private Facebook group for students and members where you can learn from
and network with a community of like-minded business owners.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Get access to weekly group coaching where you can learn from your peers and take part in open Q&A on the program curriculum, best practices, the practical applications within the business, business growth questions, and more!

Pro-Agency Tips

I will be showing up in the community giving all members business tips, info, secret strategies and invaluable information that will continue to set you up for success. You can also tag me in your posts and you will get my eyes on your stuff for review, comments and suggestions!

Yes! Can't wait to get started!

ready to make a move?

For my Agency Pro Signature Course to kick-start your business?

Are you ready

We cover absolutely everything from reframing your mindset (so you can successfully put aside your sabotaging ways, face your fears and harness your confidence to really change the trajectory of your life) to discovering your niche, building your client avatar to finding and signing your ideal client

Purpose to Profit Accelerator

Please talk to your CPA or accountant for this but this should be able to be written off as a business expense for your business.

can i write off this program as a business expense?

You will receive unlimited access to the course content and templates. You will also receive 3 months access to the private Facebook group, group coaching calls and 1:1 hotseat opportunities. 

how long do i have access to the course materials?

You will have access to all of the course materials, workbooks, templates and swipe files. In addition you will have access to the FB group community and my coaching. If you need additional resources like coaching, or graphic design services, FB ad placement services, deeper branding initiatives, leave behinds, or other sales materials you can hire my agency if you like.

what if i need additional resources after the course?

I got you. Marketing is my specialty and half the course is about marketing and learning how to get set up with marketing for success. I teach you everything you need to know to get started and going with marketing strategies and tactics. Plus you have access to my coaching, FB community and hot seat calls to help with any additional questions.

what if i have no marketing experirence?

Yes!! It would be ideal to have an idea of a service or skill set that you have that you could turn into a business but I have a discovery workbook that can help you determine your skillset. Ultimately, you will need to decide on what you want to sell so you can continue through the course.

can i take the course if i don't know what to sell?

You will have instant access to the course once you join. You can go through it as fast or slow as you like. It's at your pace. I recommend at least a week for each module so you can study the material, do the worksheets, put in the time and work on your business before you move to the next step.

How long will it take me to go through the course?

Have Questions? I've got answers.

• Financial freedom
• Time with family
• Self- motivation

Are you ready to say YES to starting your dream business and changing your life with more...

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• Freedom to work from anywhere
• Pride and self-worth
• Passion for serving others