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I help serious, ambitious women build a wildly profitable "purpose-led" business, doing what they love!
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Even if you've tried in the past with no results, are a newbie entrepreneur with no experience, no following and no business idea!

Sounds amazing, right?


you Have a business, it's gotten some traction and sales, but you are capped and trading time for money or don't know how to scale to break that ceiling of income.


Whether you are looking to Start a business or Scale one, You are in the right place!

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Well, another month has gone by and nothing is happening in your business. Ready to let go of self-doubt, quit second guessing yourself, and stop feeling stuck? Are you ready to believe in yourself and create a future where you work less but make more?  

Ready for your dream business?

You've been running your business for a while now but month after month, you're barely scraping by and just bringing in enough money to keep the lights on.

You have a service based business and aren't making the level of impact and income you want.

You worry where your next client is coming from and you’re doubting whether this online business thing is for you.

You wish you had a clear strategy in place that’s guaranteed to work for you because you’re tired of spending time and money on products that don’t give you results.

When you pitch your service or offering to prospects, it just doesn't convert to customers, OR you shy away from selling altogether, worried that no-one will buy!

Let me guess, right now....

You are talented and driven. Ready to share your passion with the world but not sure how best to do it. 

"Michelle made it so I could actually focus on growing my business."

I had tons of ideas of what I wanted to do, but no clarity on how to start and what to do. Michelle had a strategy that took me from "all over the place" to focusing on packaging my services into something I could make money doing. I'm so glad I worked with Michelle.

Deanna B., Mental Health Coach

"Michelle helped me think outside the box with my business!"

Being a realtor I had to think of a new way to find clients and beat out my competition. Michelle helped me craft my message to my potential clients and worked through a strategy to get my message to them. I'm so glad I had Michelle helping me with my business.

Cami B., Realtor

"Michelle was instrumental with marketing efforts in my company." 

I had no idea that Marketing was the thing I needed to spend the most time with on my new business. Michelle helped me navigate the different marketing tactics and worked with me to develop a strategy that helped me find new clients.

Linda J., commercial Design

Get your dream clients and get paid your worth. Start making $10k/month with clients chasing you.

Go from stuck to success with the clarity of your mission and a roadmap to get you there.

Stop Daydreaming of the life you want and start living it with the security of knowing your creating your own wealth.

It's time for you to master the entrepreneur's mindset, find your passion, and get proof that you can monetize your mission

I can’t wait to teach you my agency pro secrets and, proven-to-work strategies so you can go from “stuck and stagnate” to “sales and success”, getting dream clients that clog your emails with requests to work with YOU!

I'm a marketing and brand strategist, growth coach and agency owner, with over a decade of experience building robust marketing strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands.
A serial entrepreneur, I teach entrepreneurs how to adapt the strategies of the big brands for their own businesses – empowering them to create their unique brand footprint, develop monetizing marketing strategies, and guide them how to position themselves as the authority in their category.
I've worked to launch dozens of startups, and also helped existing mid-sized businesses grow and scale to 6 figures and beyond, 
Because of my experience working with brands such as Fossil, TGI Friday's, Cricket Wireless, and TIGI/Toni & Guy coupled with my expertise with start-ups, I have a unique perspective on the marketing cycle of business-  and a deep understanding of what it takes to launch and grow a business efficiently. 
If you are trying to figure out where and how to start, how to get unstuck or how to grow and scale your business, connect with me today to assess the best way to get started.

I help ambitious women start, and grow their business by implementing my EXACT system and methods, that attract high end clients on auto-pilot and scale to six figures...FAST.

I'm Michelle!

Marketing Strategist. Growth Coach. Agency Owner

Michelle has experience in

Why Michelle Krebsbach with Chics-n-biz?

This program and coaching sessions provide students an opportunity to be mentored, taught and coached by Michelle Krebsbach, Founder and Creator of Mkreative Group, a successful full service agency. For the past 17 years, Michelle's agency has helped thousands of business owners, companies and entrepreneurs with their growth strategies, branding and marketing. 

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Learn how to find your superpower skillset and create your dream business. Narrow your niche, define your target audience and understand who you serve with your skills. Even if you have no idea what you want to do.

Discover your secret superpower and start your

dream business!

Take your expertise and skillset and package it up with a strategy, position, and message and know exactly how to speak to your ideal client and it's easy, creative, and fun?- and it INSPIRES your dream clients to want to work with you?

What if you could...

To change your life

take action

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Need someone to help you move forward in your business, and create some actionable strategies that work? Have a specific challenge that you want support with? This Power Pack Hour Session is just what you need to refresh your biz.

1:1 Intensive

1:1 Power Pak Hour

Work With Me!

1:1 VIP day coaching Intensive (5 hours)

VIP Biz Boost Day - 1 day Intensive

A high-energy, 8-week experience that gives action-taking entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, and experts a powerful system to explode their revenue, attract obsessive buyers and dominate their corner of the internet! My Signature Program is power packed with all the tools you need to grow a six figure business FAST!

The Six-Figure Purpose to Profit Accelerator

Clarity, Content & Clients is my done-in-a-day power package that will bring the magic to your marketing fast and move the needle in your business. With this fast-track service, you get no fluff, all in with me, revamping, refreshing or recreating your message, offer, brand and much more. 

Signature Program

A private coaching immersive program designed to help ambitious business owners build a profitable and sustainable business and brand, scale to six figure months, and radically transform their mind, business and life.

1:1 Private coaching

Next Level Biz Growth Academy

Take your business to the next level with our done for your marketing and business services. Let us help you manage your day to day marketing needs so you can focus on your zone of genius. We will be your virtual marketing department at your fingertips. Pick one or many services and watch your business change overnight.

Done For You Services

done for you


- You will get clarity on your niche, ideal client, message and offer
-  You will have a strategy to grow your business 
- You will create your Brand ID
- You will attract primed buyers that want to buy from you
- You will have a client conversion system
- You will have a marketing plan that fits your business
- You will have clients that seek you out ready to buy

The Results

my services

I'm so excited you are here. It's time to take action. Whether you want to pay off your debt, be your own boss, or live out your mission, starting an online business is the way to do it. 

Let's connect and discuss how best I can serve you and your business (and your life while we're at it).

Excited to get started? Me too!