1:1 VIP Biz Boost Day- 1 Day Intensive for ambitious
Coaches, Consultants, Creatives
& Experts

1:1 VIP Biz Boost Day Intensive coaching session (5 hours)
for boss babes like you!

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This game changing
1:1 VIP Biz Boost Day Intensive strategy session includes: 

ready to move the needle?

- Pre Coaching business needs assessment
- A 60-minute kick off call to discuss the questionnaire, talk about goals, expectations, etc.
- Presentation of the Roadmap including milestones to hit, and course of action
- Visual audit of all current assets with recommendations for changes
- Workbooks and templates

Get unstuck in your business in 1 day with an intensive fast tracked, systematic plan that gives you actionable items, strategies and goals that help you change the course of your business in a day.

Here's what you get with my
VIP Biz Boost Day Intensive:

VIP Intensive for women entrepreneurs that are struggling in their business and need a game changer plan to move the needle in their business, FAST.

What is this?

This business strategy session is great for you if:
•-You don’t know where to start and you’re overwhelmed by all the information out there.
- You have already mastered your expertise but don’t know how to turn it into a lucrative business.
- You don’t have an idea for a business or don’t know what to sell.
- Or maybe you are a visionary with tons of business ideas and you’re afraid to pick the wrong one.

In this session you will:
- Get clarity around your company’s strengths and most marketable points
- Craft new message and content that converts to use for your website, products/service, or marketing materials
- Create an irresistible offer that includes your unique process and framework to provide value and showcase your authority
- Create, understand, or review your existing marketing channels and sales funnels for better conversion and optimization
- Create a magnetic brand that makes you stand out in your niche
- Find your business sweet spot, your niche and. Transformation for your ideal audience

The VIP Biz Boost Day Coaching Session includes:
- Pre Coaching business needs assessment
- 1:1 coaching power strategy sessions
- Actionable items for you to implement immediately
- Workbooks and templates as applicable

I help ambitious women grow their business and transform their life. As a business coach and marketing agency owner, I support you to build your dream business with passion and purpose so you can monetize your mission to make an impact. My journey combines corp exec with serial entrepreneur and that has allowed me to see a business from both sides. I've built proven methods and systems that work to build a business the RIGHT way from the ground up to run efficiently like an enterprise.

It IS possible to make an impact and achieve unstoppable success, while living your purpose and creating your dream business - and it all begins with having your very own branded business and a road map for success.

Hey there, I'm Michelle.

Ready to let go of self doubt, and that feeling of being stuck? are you ready to believe in yourself where you work less and make more?

The investment you make with this VIP Biz Boost Day Coaching strategy session will get you out of the struggle and into an actionable, forward moving motion for your business.

We will determine the steps to get you moving towards your goals and start changing how your business is running. You should see an immediate lift in your sales, authority in the industry, brand and how you communicate with your ideal audience. 

Who is this for?

Are you constantly finding yourself overwhelmed with too much to do in your business and never enough time?

Do you lack clarity about what your purpose is or who you are with your business?

Are you filled with doubt and question your self worth or feel like you’re not good enough?

Are afraid of failing, scared of rejection, or are terrified about pitching yourself and getting visible?

Do you have a hard time finding leads and converting them into clients?

Wasting money and time with things that don't give you results

Business strategies that don't work

Fear of sales

Social Media Hamster Wheel

Inconsistent income

Feeling lost and unseen

Not getting paid what you're worth

It's time to say goodbye to.....

The 60-Minute Intensive Coaching Session includes a 60-minute Zoom coaching call with me. We will dive deep into a topic of your choice. You will be sent a questionnaire before our call to pinpoint the areas in your business you want to focus on.
In addition, you will have 2 weeks of unlimited Voxer support with me to help you get the best results.

The VIP Biz Boost Day includes:

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VIP Biz Boost Day


1:1 Intensive

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ready to make a move?

5 Hours


How to overcome your obstacles and get clear on what TO How to generate a lead conversion system
How to price your services
How to package your services
How to sell effectively to your dream clients
How to craft your messaging to attract your ideal clients
How to find out who you want to serve
How to create the transformation for your clients
Create a winning client generation strategy

Your VIP Biz Boost Day Intensive will teach you: 

- 30 minute pre-work onboarding questionnaire
- Initial biz boost overview of your current situation
- Discussion of what’s working and what’s not
- Roadmap for success to get your business on track
- Actionable steps to take you through my process
- Review of new action plan
- Next Steps checklist to keep you going

Here is what you get:

the good stuff!